“It’s so rare to find sportswriters who are not only politically minded but unafraid to use their politics to inform their sportswriting. Evan Moore is one of those sportswriters. Whether putting together articles about scandals in Little League baseball to sexism on sports radio, Evan Moore doesn’t just report: he elucidates and informs with a great deal of flair. Chicago has always been the home of the gritty, round shouldered unsung heroes of hardscrabble american life. Finally we can say that they now have a sportswriter worthy of their struggles.”

– Dave Zirin, Sports editor, The Nation


“Evan has been a solid, versatile freelancer for RedEye since I took over as sports editor in 2012. He is always willing to take on an assignment, regardless of the scope or sport. He is particularly adept at cultivating sources beyond those that immediately come to mind for most reporters. He does well in finding diverse sources as well, which is a quality that sometimes is overlooked but certainly is valuable when it comes to RedEye’s readership. One of Evan’s biggest strengths is he generates his own column ideas that are relevant to trending topics. He also is terrific on deadline and at turning around stories in a short time period when the situation calls for it. He would be a fantastic edition to any newsroom.

– Chris Sosa, Sports editor, RedEye


“Evan Moore is a dogged newshound, always looking for the next story. He’s not afraid to jump in on breaking news stories, and is also able to handle features as well as multi-media assignments. He’s reliable in a pinch and always willing to do more if needed.”

– Joe Biesk, editor, Southtown Star, Chicago Tribune Media


“Evan Moore is one of the most ambitious and promising young journalists I know. He’s curious. He has something to say. And he knows how to find good stories. We’re watching the launch of what looks to be a great career.”

– Jonathan Eig, Co-founder/Author, ChicagoSide


“Evan did an outstanding job for us at csnchicago.com. His stories were frequently among the most viewed weekly stories on our site. Evan is a skilled writer, editor, producer and journalist. I firmly believe that he will go far in media, communications, web publishing, editing or any other related field in sports production. We were very happy to have Evan with us at Comcast SportsNet Chicago!

– Joe Collins, Managing Editor at Comcast SportsNet Chicago (now NBC Sports Chicago)


“Evan was an extremely pleasant person to work with. He took guidance very well when it came to editing and suggestions to better his writing; he took charge of stories and articles that came his way; his ability to ask the right questions and develop relationships was excellent. His desire to be a well-rounded journalist was apparent and he has since then fulfilled his abilities to write for a variety of publications. He has the ability to learn and the desire to know, two very important elements to being a journalist today.”

– Christina Elizabeth Rodriguez, Editorial Director | Associate Marketing Manager at Extra Bilingual Community Newspaper


“Evan F. Moore was a student of mine in classes I taught at Roosevelt University in the Fall of 2012 and the Spring of 2013. They were the graduate level “State of the News Business” and “Writing for Radio.”

I found Evan to be an intelligent, enthusiastic student, and a good and competent writer. He is able to work well with deadline pressure. I know for a fact that some of his work has been published commercially.

I would most certainly give him a good recommendation in any of these activities.”

– Jim Benes, Morning editor, WBBM Newsradio 780AM – Adjunct Professor, Roosevelt University


“I had the pleasure of having Evan address my sports reporting class at DePaul. He shared his unique story with my students. He also gave them valuable and timeless lessons about the means he is employing to make inroads in getting work and experience in this very competitive business. It left quite an impression on my students. I hope they will be inspired not only by Evan’s story, but also his approach and work ethic.”

– Ed Sherman, columnist- Chicago Tribune, National Sports Journalism Center, Sherman Report


“I’ve been following the young and bright career of Evan Moore. He is a solid writer and reporter and has the potential to be a columnist. If I had a job for him in Peoria, I would be looking to bring him on staff.”
– Dennis Anderson, Executive Editor, Peoria Journal Star


True Star has had the pleasure of having Evan as an Instructor for the Journalism Programs at Thornton Fractional High School and Garfield Park. In this role, Evan, teaches basic and advanced journalism skills to high school students. My career tenure in youth programming has given me the opportunity to work with very motivated and talented individuals. Based on my experience, Evan displays strong leadership qualities when teaching groups as well as individual efforts. He is comfortable facilitating and sharing his practical wisdom, culture, passion, purpose and values with everyone he comes in contact with; attributes that make him a well-rounded person and teacher.

Always prepared and organized, he is professionally focused and driven to achieve higher goals. The quality and integrity of his work is outstanding. Mr. Moore is intelligent, inquisitive and yearns to share his knowledge with the young people who come behind him. He is extremely cooperative and possesses the capacity to contribute positively while working as part of a team. He is truly amazing to work with, and will be an asset to your institution. ”

– Na-Tae’ Thompson,Co-Founder & Executive Director, True Star Foundation & True Star Media